With the summer upon us we’re asking what do you want to be seen done in Tollcross in the coming year. As the Community Council we are coming up with ideas and we want the public, and the community we serve to put ideas into the mix too. We want some fresh ideas so we can concentrate on getting things done for the benefit of Tollcross in the coming year.

Some people want more green space and trees in Tollcross, for others its a simple clean up of bins in my street. Other want improvements around the new cycle path coming early next year. Whatever you think – think big and let us know.

We have a little Questionnaire you can fill out to let us know what we can do to make Tollcross even better!

Give us your ideas here (This will open a new page for the survey)

And thanks for taking the time to reply to our questionnaire. It will be up and online until the end of August. We will then work up a list and see what we can do to get some improvements done. Keep tuned to the website for future developments. Its your Tollcross – get involved!