Our current Community Councillors is as follows: (Elected September 2016)

Fiona Allen
Richard Allen
Paul Beswick (Treasurer)
Iain Black
Andrew Brough (Chair & Secretary)
Roger Colkett
Andrew Devenport
Chris McGregor
Liz Summerfield
Ann Wigglesworth

Below is a list of Officer bearers for Tollcross Community Council, nominated in May 2017, with areas of responsibilities. No representatives were appointed for Neighbourhood Partnerships as they are likely to change over the summer 2017.

Community Councils Liaison Coordinator – Liz Summerfield
Planning – Paul Beswick
Licensing Forum – Roger Colkett
Media monitoring – Liz Summerfield
Health – Chris McGregor
Built Environment – Michael Lister (co-opted)
Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative – Richard Allen
Licensing – Roger Colkett
Edinburgh Civic Forum – Roger Colkett, Michael Lister (co-opted)
Meadows’ Festival – Andy Devenport, Liz Summerfield
FOMBL – Iain Black
Canalside Festival – Richard Allen
Fountainbridge Steering Group – Richard Allen
Canal Management Committee – Richard Allen

Abbreviations: CCNP – City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership. CC SNT –  City Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team. EACC – Edinburgh Association of Community Councils. EaRN – Equality and Rights Network. FCI – Fountainbridge Canal Initiative. FCSB – Fountainbridge Canalside Sounding Board. FoMBL – Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links FSG –  Fountainbridge Steering Group. OTDT – Old Town Development Trust. SCNP – South Central Neighbourhood Partnership. SC SNT –  South Central Safer Neighbourhood Team. SWNP – South West Neighbourhood Partnership. SW SNT –  South West Safer Neighbourhood Team. TCCA – Tollcross Community Centre Association.