Our current Community Councillors is as follows:

Fiona Allen
Richard Allen
Paul Beswick (Treasurer)
Iain Black
Andrew Brough (Chair)
Roger Colkett
Andrew Devenport
Saty Kaur (Secretary)
Chris McGregor
Liz Summerfield
Andreas Wilhelm
Ann Wigglesworth

Below is a list of Officer bearers for Tollcross Community Council, with areas of responsibilities. No representatives were appointed for Neighbourhood Partnerships as they are likely to change over the summer 2017.

CCNP – Roger Colkett
Community Councils Liaison Coordinator – Liz Summerfield
Planning – Paul Beswick
Licensing Forum – Roger Colkett
SE Locality – Andrew Brough
Media monitoring – Liz Summerfield
Health – Chris McGregor
Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative – Richard Allen
Licensing – Roger Colkett
Edinburgh Civic Forum – Roger Colkett
Meadows’ Festival – Andy Devenport, Liz Summerfield
FOMBL – Iain Black
Canalside Festival – Richard Allen
Fountainbridge Steering Group – Richard Allen
Canal Management Committee – Richard Allen, Ann Wigglesworth
SCNP – Ann Wigglesworth

Abbreviations: CCNP – City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership. CC SNT –  City Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team. EACC – Edinburgh Association of Community Councils. EaRN – Equality and Rights Network. FCI – Fountainbridge Canal Initiative. FCSB – Fountainbridge Canalside Sounding Board. FoMBL – Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links FSG –  Fountainbridge Steering Group. OTDT – Old Town Development Trust. SCNP – South Central Neighbourhood Partnership. SC SNT –  South Central Safer Neighbourhood Team. SWNP – South West Neighbourhood Partnership. SW SNT –  South West Safer Neighbourhood Team. TCCA – Tollcross Community Centre Association.