Over December we’ve had a few bits and pieces come in regarding planning. Below is an overview of planning and how you can make comments on applications etc.

  • Response from Tollcross Community Council regarding plans – REFERENCE NUMBER: 15/05422/FUL
    • Full Planning  Permission for change of use from office (Class 4) to purpose built student accommodation with ancillary reception and social hub, Class 1 retail and associated landscape, public realm, access and parking. At Site 56 Metres West Of 160 Dundee Street Edinburgh
    • 15_05422_FUL Representation TXCC
  • Response from Tollcross Community Council regarding plans – REFERENCE NUMBER: 15/05110/FUL
    • Tollcross Community Council has reservations about this application and several local people have approached us about it. Currently the space is public pavement and from the age of the adjacent wall, this has been the case since the tenements were built in the 19th century. Local people see this as a public space and it has always been maintained , as the rest of the pavement, by the Council. It is common in this area that the pavement is wider at the end of streets, creating better access. It may well be that all these wider pavement areas were in front of shops. In this case as in many others, a shop has been converted to a flat. also in this case as in some others, the conversion is not in keeping with the old tenement.

      The question arises about ownership of this curtilage and whether another use can be granted after 150 years. The application form states that the City of Edinburgh Council owns the land (the architect’s drawing states that they think that 3 Panmure Place owns it) so it seems inconceivable that CEC would gift this land to the applicant. Granting permission to use CEC land for a private purpose would also seem inappropriate. Several local people have expressed astonishment at the nerve of this proposal and are very much against it. We would like to see the proposal rejected as it would set a precedent for the wholesale removal of pavement space.

      Please accept this as an official objection.

      I would also appreciate your opinion about the possible ownership and uses of this type of curtilage and whether the Council has a policy about it.

    • Comment can be made online:

    • https://citydev-portal.edinburgh.gov.uk/idoxpa-web/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=NXE4JDEW0GY00