April 2023 Planning Report version 2

1. Short Term Lets:

In order to operate a short-term let, planning permission must be obtained and a licence, dependent upon planning permission, must be obtained. We have objected to 21 applications for STLs on shared stairs in our area. Eight have been refused, 3 have been withdrawn and the others are pending. This process need not be carried out until October 2023 as the Council has now put back the dates. It is concerning that so few planning applications have been submitted as there must be many hundreds of such offered premises on the various platforms. Are these landlords waiting to apply, no intention of applying and continuing to operate or giving up STLs for long-term letting or even selling up?

2. Planning Applications

a) Change of use to short term let at 113A Grove Street , Appears to be main door.

b) Change of use to short term let at 2F3, 46 Cockburn Street. We have objected.

c) Underbelly has made 5 applications for venues in Southside for the Fringe:
The Meadows, 40 m N of 22/23 Teviot Place, Teviot Place/Bristo Square, George Square Gardens, Teviot Place/Bristo Square.
These include performance areas, a circus, bars, food traders, queueing areas, offices, storage, kitchens, box offices.
For example, The Meadows, between Middle Meadow Walk and Boys Brigade Walk will be occupied for 2 months including the build and take-down.
There have been discussions about public spaces given to commercial interests and also
whether outside companies take too much of the food and drink trade from local businesses.
The assumption is that approval is a done-deal, hence they can apply so late.

d) Change from residential to short term let at 11 Cordiner’s Land. We have objected.

e) Change from residential to short term let at 521 Webster’s Land. No objection allowed –‘This notifies the Council of proposed work or development not needing its permission. The Council will not be approving or refusing the proposal, so comments are not invited.’

3. Planning Decisions

a) Short term let application for Flat 8, 27 Castle Terrace refused.

b) Short term let application for 608 Webster’s Land withdrawn.

c) Short term let application for 2F1, 87 Bruntsfield Place refused.

d) Short term let application for flat 29, 29 King’s Stables Road refused.

We objected to the four above.

e) Short term let application for flat at 21 King’s Stables Lane refused.

f) Student Accommodation at 23 Yeaman Place/Canal. Application Granted.

g) Short term let application for 2F1, 1, Upper Bow in Old Town approved.