Tollcross Community Council has like all other Community Councils in Edinburgh has recently gone through a nomination process for the next three years. For Tollcross it meant we had 11 people put themselves forward for the 12 Community Council positions, and so we did not need to go to an election.

Our first meeting as the new Community Council was last night, 29th of September and the full list Community Councillors and their areas of responsibilities are as follows:

Fiona Allen

Richard Allen FCI, Civic Forum via FCI

Paul Beswick Treasurer, Planning

Iain Black FoMBL, Licensing deputy, Old Town Development Trust

Andrew Brough Chairperson, Website, Twitter, SCNP

Roger Colkett Licensing, CCNP, Civic Forum, Alcohol Focus Scotland , Old Town Development Trust

Andrew Devenport SWNP

Katie McGhee

Chris McGregor Health

Liz Summerfield Secretary, Media Monitoring and Meadows Festival

Ann Wigglesworth South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Safety Group


We look forward to serving the local community of Tollcross, and if you have any local issues you wish to discuss please get in touch via our contact page.