Roger Colkett writes;

I attended the meeting of the Licensing Board today (28thApril 2014) to support our objections to the applications by the Co-op and Sainsburys for off-licences for their new convenience stores on opposite sides of Earl Grey Street.

Together these applications provided us with something of a test case – our first objections since the publication of the Board’s revised Licensing Policy in November 2013.

The relevant new parts of their revised policy were:

  • The recognition by the Board that Tollcross is one of seven new localities that are “areas of serious, special concern” in terms of overprovision of licensed premises
  • The statement that “The Board is concerned at the high number of existing off-sales premises and intends to examine any applications for more such licences to assure itself that the application will not undermine the licensing objectives.”

We were unsure what these new positions would mean in practice.

Despite objections from the Police, the NHS, TXCC, Angela Hull & Ann Wigglesworth both as individuals, the Licensing Board approved both applications (voting 5 in favour; 3 against).

I think it’s now pretty clear that the relevant new parts of the Board’s policy will make no real difference.

Following developments the Edinburgh evening News have picked up the story and has made the front page on 5th May. See the article below:

See this comment by Councillor Booth who sits on the Licensing board.