South Central had a participatory budgeting event on 30th April – simply put local projects vied for local votes to be awarded community grant money. Also road projects in the area were voted on and also environmental projects in and around Council housing within the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership area. On the day we had at least 218 members of the public come through the doors and over 500 votes cast.  This is brilliant for the event on its first outing.

Monday 2nd May update –

Undernoted is a list of the Community Grant projects which were selected for funding.  

  • Royal Blind school
  • Access to Industry – Transitions Project
  • Home Link Family Support
  • Tap Into It – Where you are
  • Crags Sports Centre
  • Canongate Youth
  • Bamboobelly Bandstand
  • Grange Prestonfield CC – Newington Cemetery
  • Friends of Sciennes Primary
  • Old Edinburgh Club – Grange Cemetery
  • Priestfield Parish Church – Tranquillity Garden (Partial Award)

 All of the results, including the Housing Revenue and Roads Project priority list can viewed on-line on the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership website.’s-on/south-centra%C2%A3-decides-the-results/

Here are some photos from the day.