South Centra£ Decides again!  

Reminder that your application should be submitted by FRIDAY, 20TH JANUARY 2017 – so if you are interested please get a move on!

Once again the Scottish Government has awarded the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership £10,000 which will be matched by the Neighbourhood Partnership, making a total of £20,000.   The money is to be distributed to the community via the Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grants Fund and is specifically ear-marked for intergenerational activities.

The maximum grant available is £2,500 but please – it’s not compulsory to bid up to the max!  More projects can be funded if groups only bid for what they really need.   An application form and guidelines can be downloaded from the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership website.  Please remember – community grant funding is specific to each Neighbourhood Partnership area so your idea must be for the benefit of people local to South Central (Council Wards 10 and 15).

What are intergenerational activities?

Intergenerational involves two or more ages coming together in a joint initiative, sharing memories, skills, knowledge and having fun! This could be anything from sport, art, history, environmental improvements, dance etc – basically whatever you like as long as it involves two or more generations.  An example of a project could be Strictly Come Dancing where over a period of weeks older people teach the younger generation how to do the Fox Trot, Jive etc.   It could also include one off events.   If you are unclear or looking for some inspiration, why not check out the Generations Working Together website.   This organisation provides information, delivers support and encourages involvement to benefit all of Scotland’s generations, by working, learning, volunteering and living together.

How will the grants be awarded?

There will be a one off market-stall event held on Saturday, 4th February at Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson Street.  On the day, the public will be will be asked to score the projects and those scoring the highest points will secure funding – until we reach the £20,000 available.

Nearer the time you will be provided with guidelines on what is expected of you on the day, including times etc.   The important thing just now is to get the application submitted.


There is going to be quick turnaround so if you are interested your application and supporting documentation needs to be submitted by Friday, 20th January 2017.  Please provide an electronic copy of the actual application form (in a Word format) as well as a signed hard copy.  

The reason for such a quick turnaround is that the money needs to be out of our coffers by the middle of March – don’t worry though successful projects will have the normal six months to spend their grant.