Well as if the development wasn’t ugly enough the developers are trying to get a glass box on top. The image shows it in all its ugliness. Tollcross Community Council has put in an object to this – see the link below if you wish to object too.

Go to the City Portal at https://citydev-portal.edinburgh.gov.uk/idoxpa-web/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application and search for 17/05827/FUL

Our objection as follows:

Erection of additional office floor with adjusted elevational details and plant area.at 142 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9BQ


 Case Officer  Carla Parkes 0131 529 3925 carla.parkes@edinburgh.gov.uk

Dear Ms Parkes,

Tollcross Community Council would like to object to this application.

At the time of the original application we were concerned that the building was too high as it did not conform to the building line of the adjacent listed building. We felt that it dominated this listed building. We certainly do not think that adding another floor on top would be advisable as this would make the building even more dominant and would be two floors+ above the building line. It is clear that the original application went for the highest building that the developers thought would be given consent.

Furthermore, we feel that approval of this application would be a bad precedent. Were it to be approved, then almost every developer would apply for more floors when building was underway.

Tollcross Community Council