This was our response on 4 April 2017 to the Scottish Government’s Planning System Proposals:


A consultation on the future of the Scottish Planning System

Last October we submitted a response to the consultation on the Review of the Scottish Planning System. We are discouraged but not greatly surprised to find that our response obviously didn’t carry much weight with those who drafted the current proposals.

Although we agree in principle with several of your proposals –

Proposal 4: Stronger local development plans

Proposal 6: Giving people an opportunity to plan their own place

Proposal 7: Getting more people involved in planning

Proposal 11: Closing the gap between planning consent and delivery of homes

Proposal 13: Embedding an infrastructure first approach,

we are not inclined to give detailed answers to the 80 odd questions within your Places, People and Planning document as few if any of those questions address our real-world experience of the deficiencies of the Planning System. We would, though, like to comment on some of the statements in the document.

Please download our full letter here: Response 4 April 17 to Scottish Gov Planning System Proposals