The Council’s aim is to provide a programmed approach to hosting major events in public parks, so as a trial in 2015 a competitive tender was published for a large event to be held in The Meadows during the Edinburgh Festival.  Following this initiative, for 2017 the Council is proposing to re-tender The Meadows along with other events for up to three successive years, one in Inverleith Park and potentially two in Princes Street Gardens.

What are the benefits?

·       Event applications can be scored on the quality (both physical and cultural) of the event

·       The market rate of rental can be achieved for each venue

·       A more transparent and fairer process for all potential suppliers

·       It offers suppliers of events the security of longer term leasing arrangements

The Council would like to hear feedback on these proposals from local stakeholders including community groups, local residents, businesses and park users. Where appropriate, this feedback will be used to shape future plans and specifications for these events.  It is proposed that from 2017 the following spaces be subject to a competitive tender process:

·       Inverleith Park – A Family Friendly Cultural Event (for example, a Food/Beer/Wine Festival) – 8 days in August (inclusive of set up and breakdown)

·       The Meadows – A Family Friendly Fringe Event/Venue August 2017 – 23 days plus set up/breakdown time

·       West Princes Street Gardens – The Red Blaise Events Area, Family Friendly Fringe Event/Venue 2017 – 1 month (inclusive of set up and breakdown)

·       West Princes Street Gardens – A Family Friendly Cultural Event (for example, a Food/Beer/Wine Festival) – 10 days in October (inclusive of set up and breakdown)

We have included the link below which will direct you to the survey:

We are organising workshops on Thursday 30 June and will issue more details to you next week once they are confirmed.