Report of the Communication Sub Group, held on Tuesday 19th June.

Name of the group,
We agreed to refer to this group as the Communication Sub Group.

Banners and Noticeboards.
We agreed that further notice boards would be useful based on their being placed within the limits of the two Neighbourhood Partnerships (CCNP and SWNP) Because of the high cost of noticeboards of the type due to be installed in our part of South Central N. P., it was agreed that Neighbourhood Partnership funds should be applied for. Andy Devenport has agreed to make the applications before the next meeting of this group.

We agreed that it would be useful to recommend the purchase of banners for use by TX Community Council from our own funds. We recommend buying two “Pull-up” style banners for events, with our own artwork on them, for use inside buildings and tents, and two “Flag style” banners for outside uses. Tim Puntis agreed to provide costings for all the banners, and to seek advice from members of Tollcross Community Council about what should be included in the artwork designs, in time for the next meeting.

Following a discussion with Heather about her experience of the work involved in producing the FOMBL newsletter, we greed that further discussion of a Newsletter would form the first part of our next meeting.

The next meeting and dates were sent around on email.