EdBudgetFollowing the results of the budget engagement feedback, the next step is for the Council to agree the budget for 2015/16.

This will take place at a Council meeting tomorrow, at 10am on Thursday 12 February. Councillors will consider the proposals and agree how the £950 million budget will be spent and where we can make savings for the future.

You can watch the budget meeting live on the Council website from 10am on 12 February or view a recording of the meeting afterwards.

Find out more

Once the Council makes the final budget decisions, further information will be available on our website www.edinburgh.gov.uk/ourbudget2015. A summary will be sent to all residents in March along with details of council tax charges for 2015/16.

Have your say

We will continue to seek your views on our services and how we save and invest money in the future. If you have any suggestions or questions about the budget please email councilbudget@edinburgh.gov.uk