Hi everyone,

We extend a warm welcome to the Official Fountainbridge Winter Festival 2015 – on December 12th between 14.oo and 17.00 on the corner of Dundee Street and Viewforth on the Meanwhile site/Grove Garden – map and details of events below.


To give you a flavour of the afternoon events these are the ones we know of so far – more could be added by the 12th.

  • Samba Band Playing between 2pm – 3pm
  • Scrap Store recycled Tree made through the afternoon on site
  • At 4pm we will have a focal point around switching the lights on this ‘Up Cycled tree’
  • Through the afternoon the Piano Container will be playing music including a harp sculpture that child and adults can help play inside a Geodesic dome
  • Around site will be two or three Braizers to allow supervised marshmallow cooking and roasting Chestnuts
  • A large central fire to provide light and some warmth
  • The Forge will be doing craft workshops throughout the afternoon including ironwork workshops and metal/casting displays
  • There will be a cake and Spiced Apple warm drinks stall that will accept donations towards funding the Grove Garden in the coming year
  • We will have a join information stall with FCI/Grove/TXCC
  • Various Christmas decorations/Craft making events for adults and children
  • Between 3 – 4 a Children/Adults building mini wikihouses in the Wikihouse


GroveMap You can get buses numbers: 22, 30, 34, 35, 1 to the event.