You will be aware from previous conversations that the Council was seeking a Management Control Order for the flats at 31/2 and 16/4 Grove Street, which had been used as “party flats”  by the owner and causing significant distress to local residents.  The case was heard in court this morning and we have been successful in having a Management Control Order granted for both properties with immediate effect. This means that the Council now has landlord responsibility for both properties. However Mr Scott (the owner) has been given 7 days from the date of intimation of the notice (hopefully today – we are waiting on the interlocutor from the court) to provide us with the booking records and keys for the premises. In the interim period until we have this information, we are putting arrangements into place to signpost individuals who may turn up to the premises to alternative accommodation. We will also be developing  a longer term strategy for use of the properties.

This order is the first of its kind in Scotland and the neighbours, some of whom were in court today, expressed their thanks to the Council for taking these steps.